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The campaign name is derived from the name of the book, The Nature and Origins of Magic, which will feature prominently in the campaign. The forward to the book can be read here. It is currently being written by the Archmage Galthareon as the campaign is taking place. The characters’ story will feature prominently in completing the research required in order for Galthareon to finish his book, and if the adventure proves fascinating enough, Galthareon might devote a chapter in the book to it.

Required Character

One and precisely one of the players will have to have a character of any class who is an outsider to the region of Moravia where the campaign is taking place. He will also have to choose the background Sage, as listed in the playtest materials, and choose among any of the lore types except Folklore, Natural Lore, and Political Lore. As he is an outsider, he will have a hard time with the customs, politics and geography of the region. Any knowledge he would have of these initially will be local to his own home region, far away. This is not to say that these choices will not be available down the road, just that they cannot be initial starting options for his background. Likewise, all other characters will be from the region. They will need a special GM exception to take Magical Lore as a background choice. Read more on character generation in the section entitled Character Generation.

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